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It was recently announced that mTab has been shortlisted as a finalist for the prestigious ‘Best Data Solution’ honor. This is an annual Operations Award, affectionately known as an “Oppie” given annually by the Market Research Society.

According to MRS, “The Operations Awards are the only awards that recognise the vast amount of operations talent in the research sector.” As Penny Steele, Chair of the Judging Committee, explained, “The innovation and creativity in evidence are a testament to those working in research operations and an encouraging sign for how we will continue to adapt after this crisis.”

We sat down with Pawel Komorowski, Chief Product Officer for mTab, to get his thoughts on the approach to developing award-winning innovations. Pawel oversees technology development for mTab’s advanced intelligence platform. Previously he served as Chief Executive Officer of Slideworx prior to its acquisition by mTab.

Q: Pawel, congratulations on mTab being named a finalist for the MRS ‘Best Data Solution.’ What do you think this honor represents for the innovations your team develops.

Komorowski: “Thank you. This is another point of validation for advancements we are launching for market research and customer intelligence. mTab is uniquely positioned since it has almost 35 years of pioneering the data research market and an incredibly strong portfolio of clients. Aside from this, the integration of Slideworx has added a new dimension of technology expertise and market leadership. So, to have Market Research Society name us a ‘Best Data Solution’ is another testimony to what we are developing.”

Q: How do you and your team generally approach innovation?

Komorowski: “Our approach tends to be a team effort where we connect our client and marketing teams with our technology and product groups to design the solution. This is driven first and foremost by the clients to ensure we are meeting their needs and what the market is looking for. This is a critical step and one that serves as a proof of concept and point of validation for our design and development.”

Q: How has the ‘Age of COVID’ impacted this approach?

Komorowski: “COVID has resulted in obvious challenges and turmoil in the market and forced different evolutions with both brands and consumers. This makes listening to the client and understanding their needs more critical than it has ever been before.

For our typical client they need to have a deep understanding of the changing attitudes and behaviors of consumers and how COVID is effecting these decisions. So, market research and data intelligence is extremely important in their process to recover and get reengage in the market. So, we listen to our customers to help brands listen to their customers. This understanding is a powerful tool in helping companies set their strategies and drive their own innovations.”

To learn more about mTab's advanced data intelligence solutions and how they deliver unrivaled understanding to organizations visit our solution overview.

Mark Langsfeld

Chief Executive Officer

Mark leads mTab, the world’s research marketplace. Named SmartCEO “Innovator of the Year” in analytics, he’s led product teams at VoiceBase, ListenLogic, and