Discover and subscribe to third-party data in the world’s premier insights marketplace. Easily analyze and visualize with the tools you already use.

Access premium data sets, join your internal data● Reduce data costs, only buy the slices you need● Immediately analyze and visualize in mTab InsightLake, Analyze or Discover
Reduce data costs, only buy the slices you need
Immediately analyze and visualize in mTab InsightLake, Analyze or Discover
It’s the fast, safe, cost-effective way to gain insights 


A global platform for all your insights data, with seamless visualization
options and connectors to the tools you use today.

mTab Insight Lake

Analyze and visualize insights data using your own analytics tools.
With mTab Insight Lake, connect Tableau, Power BI, Qlik and other tools to our Data-as-a-Service and easily visualize survey data.

Analyze survey, behavioral and transactional insights data
Join internal data with third-party data
Run fast, live analytical SQL queries
Easily create visualizations and share dashboards
Pre-built Dashboard Starters to jumpstart your insights
Built-In Security and Governance

mTab Analyze

Interpret and visualize market research data from any source using mTab Analyze, our drag-and-drop crosstab application.  Share your insights in mTab Discover or the visualization tools you use today.

Import surveys from SPSS and other data capture tools or use our services team to convert complex research projects into integrated datasets
Cross tabulate your largest, most intricate datasets
Perform trending analysis across multiple years, markets and data sources
Perform advanced analytics like regression, correspondence analysis and impact / driver analysis with native R integration
Test statistical significance with one click

mTab Discover

Share stories and actionable insights with market research data using beautiful, user-friendly mTab Discover dashboards. Create these visualizations with mTab Analyze.

Rich, pre-built library of reports and visualizations
Tell your story with market research data
Safely and effectively share critical insights across your organization
Export to PowerPoint, PDF or Excel

mTab Services

Work with a dedicated team of solutions experts to design your implementation, train your team, synthesize datasets, provide support, and bring your data to life.

Implementation design and platform training tailored to accelerate your business goals
Ongoing conversion of complex multi-source and multi-year research data into harmonized datasets
Analytics and insights consulting, including custom visualizations and dashboards
Advanced analytics services, such as key driver analysis
As much end-to-end support as you need