Motivate customers and elevate engagement

Connect complex experience datasets

Discover data-driven stories

Deliver exceptional experiences

Empower the entire organization with customer insight.

Connecting complex internal and external data to guide decisions and strategy has never been easier.  mTab evolves leading brands into customer-centric, data-driven organizations by empowering teams with visualized multidimensional customer insight.

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Connect and synthesize complex datasets into single-source evidence.

mTab connects and synthesizes all of your data sources together, no matter how complex or fragmented. For over 35 years, mTab has pioneered data innovation, delivering brands unrivaled customer understanding and unmatched data connectivity.

survey analysis with mtab software


Take complete control of data for quick and easy decision-making.

mTab provides real-time insight for deep understanding with advanced analytical tools. Our solution guides organizations in developing robust strategies, designing advanced innovation and delivering exceptional experience. You’re in complete control. 


Unlock stories within data through advanced visualization.

mTab delivers innovative dashboards and standardized vector-based visuals that make understanding your customers, company and competitors easier than ever. Illustrate stories across your entire organization for enhanced clarity.


Democratize data across the entire organization.

mTab empowers Marketing, Sales, Product, CX, Finance and even C-Suite teams with centralized access and powerful tools that deliver customer clarity with consistent control.


Elevate strategy and experiences with advanced storytelling.

mTab unveils advanced customer stories to elevate understanding, enhance decision-making, empower strategies and deliver exceptional experiences across the entire organization.

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35 years of empowering brands with enhanced insight.

For over 35 years mTab has pioneered solutions to simplify complex data challenges facing the world’s largest global enterprises. mTab’s experience and innovation in delivering data-driven customer solutions is simply unrivaled.