Advanced understanding

Data-driven customer intelligence

mTab’s full stack data analysis, visualization and storytelling platform delivers:

  • Synthesized datasets unifying dispersed internal and external sources.
  • Integrated single-source data evidence for the entire organization.
  • Holistic customer intelligence to guide decisions, strategy and innovation.
  • Advanced visualized storytelling to understand and motivate customers.

mTab Discover

Visual analytics, dashboarding and storytelling. mTab Discover is a powerful, but highly intuitive data visualization solution that brings all critical insight together in one beautiful, user-friendly web application.

  • Leverage mTab Discover’s rich out-of-the-box library of best-practice reports and visualizations to optimally tell the story of your data and inspire new methods of analysis and presentation
  • Safely and effectively share critical insight and analytical power cross the organization with mTab Discover’s unique safe self-service visualization and guided analytics concept
  • Easily build, share and update beautiful interactive stories that export to perfectly formatted corporate documents in PowerPoint, pdf or Excel
  • Establish a single source of truth for research data and ensure user and data security
  • Send data back to mTab Analyze to drill down to the respondent level
  • Support multiple corporate identities within a single system
  • Add comments and annotations to visualizations to boost cross-team and cross-functional engagement

mTab Analyze

Deep analysis and DIY advanced visualizations. mTab Analyze is an intuitive, web-based, drag-and-drop software application that allows users to seamlessly warehouse, analyze, and visualize market research data from any source.

  • Import your data directly from SPSS / leading survey tools or utilize mTab’s team of full-service data experts to convert your most complex research projects into simple-to-analyze integrated or stand-alone datasets
  • Instantly cross tabulate your largest, most intricate datasets
  • Perform trending analysis across multiple years, multiple markets, or multiple sources
  • Test statistical significance with one click
  • Seamlessly perform advanced analytics such as regression, correspondence analysis and impact / driver analysis with native R integration
  • Create and share custom interactive visualizations that can be published to mTab Discover, shared with others or exported into perfectly formatted PowerPoint or Excel reports.

mTab Advanced Analytical Visualizations

mTab has changed the game, once again, by introducing advanced statistical analytics that business professionals can confidently use within their industry. Our Advanced Analytical Visualizations take commonly used advanced analyses such as key driver (regression), correspondence, or decision tree analysis, and displays them in an innovative, methodologically accurate, interactive visual. 

  • Turn your black box analyses into transparent boxes by allowing users to confidently interact with and understand both the drivers and results of these analyses.    
  • Get wider adoption of sophisticated analytics by allowing users to directly interact with and change the inputs of the analyses. With a simple to understand “Explainer” on each visualization, we ensure that even the most complex analysis is understood by all business professionals.
  • Gain the support of your data scientists and statistical experts – because all our visualizations source the methodologies used. With editable R-Script and clear notations, your most advanced PhDs will sign off on the credibility of the results.
  • Elevate the quality of your decisions by performing analyses your organization could not handle internally before. 

Easy to interpret, advanced analysis is all possible with mTab’s Advanced Analytical Visualizations.

mTab Stories

Take storytelling to the next level. Empower any user across your organization to create and share timely, insightful stories based on accurate data and standardized analyses.

  • Create stories of dashboard views that can be exported to native PowerPoint or pushed to the web as custom dashboards
  • Seamlessly update stories to re-cut or apply new data
  • Control quality with established story templates that align with corporate identity and formats
  • Transition from number crunching to sharing insights

mTab Reports

A single source of truth for all your research reports. mTab Reports enables organizations to warehouse all of their research reports—those that are created in mTab or provided by any other partner—in one centralized, instantly-accessible repository.

  • Save and share reports created in mTab Stories and upload reports from any other research partner
  • Organize reports by geographic region, time period, and source
  • Search across your company’s full catalogue of reports to instantly find pertinent insights

Case Study

Leading US utility company

A leading US utility company eliminated 6-8 weeks of analyst time required to manually update and disseminate customer satisfaction scorecards using mTAB’s suite of analysis and visualization tools

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Case Study

Ford Motor Company

Ford organizes and warehouses decades worth of research data in mTAB, allowing 700+ users across the organization to generate and share game-changing insights.

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Case Study

Foremost Insurance

Foremost cut response times of ad-hoc research requests from days to minutes using mTAB

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Case Study

Global Consumer Technology Company

A leading consumer technology company uses mTAB to organize and warehouse years of syndicated research from 10 research providers and to delve into complex customer segmentation.

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