The road ahead for insights and research in 2023

See what over two dozen insight experts worldwide predict in 2023 for the market research industry.

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With 2023 upon us, the research and insights industry is focused on the opportunities and challenges of this coming year. mTab Strategic Advisor, Crispin Beale, sat down with a wide array of industry experts and leaders - over two dozen - from around the world to hear their perspectives and predictions for the future. See how they forecast the highs and lows for the industry, markets, and brands this year.

In terms of growth, Kristin Luck, President of ESOMAR, shared, “Prepare to be blinded by the growth of this sector in 23! Looking at ESOMAR’s most recent forecast into 2024, the data, analytics, and insights industry is expected to grow to over $130B in 2023 alone." While Nick Baker, Chief Research Officer of Savanta, sees opportunity in uncertainty, saying, “2023 is yet another year of uncertainty; perhaps that is actually the new normal many have been searching for. But uncertainty presents opportunities, especially if you subscribe to the view that 'you make your own luck.’"

From tactics to technology and methodologies to metaverse, these experts discuss a range of positive and negative dimensions expected to impact and influence insights in the coming year. Read their unique perspectives and expert predictions from this Insights Association feature article.

Insights Association: What do you see in '23?