Collecting & Analyzing customer survey data in the automotive industry

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The automotive industry has long been and will continue to be a staple in the modern consumer experience, but market fluctuations make it necessary for even the most essential and well-regarded companies to stay on top of changes in customer preferences and attitudes. Collecting & analyzing customer survey data in the automotive industry is essential for continuing to stay relevant in today's market.What to Measure The automotive industry is driven by trends and market changes that can change year-to-year and region-to-region. Customer surveying should help companies stay on top of these constant changes by drawing data on:

  • Brand awareness - Is the current marketing strategy keeping your cars in the public consciousness?
  • Customer loyalty - Are customers coming back to the same cars, companies, or dealerships again and again? Why or why not?
  • Buying behavior - How often are consumers buying new cars? What features are deciding factors for the modern car-buyer?
  • Consumer attitudes - How satisfied are customers with their experience? How do consumers feel about your company in general?

Key Features of a Successful Strategy There are three important things that need to happen in collecting & analyzing customer survey data in the automotive industry:

  • You need to ask the right questions in the right ways
  • You need to get customers to answer them
  • You need to have the ability to analyze and draw conclusions from the survey results

Large automotive companies often get data on a worldwide scale. Data needs to reflect overall consumer trends, the company's interactions with competitors, and more detailed information about regional trends and consumer views of specific cars. This data can span years or even decades. Smaller dealerships or companies can also use customer survey data to make decisions.Even for large corporations, having a dedicated team of analysts can be a drag on resources; at the same time, internal employees need to be able to access survey results, change the survey strategy, and make marketing decisions based on statistically significant conclusions drawn by surveying.The results of successful surveying and data analysis in the automotive industry can be dramatic. Being able to stay on top of the changing market, to respond to changes in consumer attitudes, to learn about what decisions consumers make and why, all mean being more prepared to sell the right cars, the right way. As in any industry, automotive customer surveying can increase your bottom line.

Survey analysis software; crosstab software