Unrivaled expertise

35 years of experience and innovation

mTab powers enterprise-scale solutions that deliver unrivaled human expertise and unmatched technology innovation. No other solution has mTab’s depth of expertise in handling and synthesizing complex fragmented datasets to discover insight and visualize stories to drive decisions, strategies, advancements and experiences.


Data Integration

Spend less time massaging data and more time extracting value. Our full-service team of data experts compiles, standardizes, and shapes complex multi-source and multi-year research data so your team doesn’t have to. Let us wrestle with your raw data so you can focus on drawing meaning from it.

  • Establish a single source of truth for your market research data with accurate data 100% of the time
  • Harmonize data from any source
  • Standardize data across years and markets to ensure accurate trending analysis
  • Enhance your data with new variables derived by our expert data scientists

Visualization Services

Bring your data to life. mTab has deep expertise in extracting insights from market research data and presenting those insights in compelling ways. Our team of data experts, graphic designers, and engineers collaborates with clients to produce meaningful visualizations that bring data to life while maintaining corporate identities.

  • Tell the story of your data your way with visualizations from standard charting libraries or with fully custom JavaScript objects
  • Present visualizations in online dashboards, automated PowerPoint reports, or standard spreadsheet views
  • Collaborate with experts to understand the ‘art of the possible’ and stretch your organization’s thinking
  • Flawless execution, every time. We take timelines and budgets seriously and when we sign up for a project, we deliver

mTab has changed the game, once again, by introducing advanced statistical analytics that business professionals can confidently use within their industry. Our Advanced Analytical Visualizations take commonly used advanced analyses such as key driver (regression), correspondence, or decision tree analysis, and displays them in an innovative, methodologically accurate, interactive visual. To find out more, contact us or request a demo.

mtab report management

Report Management

Free your team from rote report generation. Outsource standard report creation and re-population to mTab to allow your team to focus on producing insights and telling stories.

  • Receive updated reports in minutes, not days, after the release of new data
  • Receive reports to your exact specifications, in PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF

Hosting and Administration

100% data security. Allow mTab to manage your hosting and administration and rest assured that your data, reports, and dashboards are completely secure and only accessible by those with the proper permission.

  • Host data and dashboards on our secure servers or behind your corporate firewall
  • Permission data and dashboards to different groups throughout your organization, based on department, level, or function
  • Adjust permissions on the fly to ensure that decision makers have access to the data they need
  • Rest easy knowing you’re working with an organization with 30+ years experience managing data security