What is the Impact of Market Research?

As the complexity of markets and the sophistication of consumers increases, insights are now a competitive advantage.

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The complexity of markets and the sophistication of consumers have made understanding a competitive advantage. This has placed the value of market research at the forefront of many organizations. mTab's Crispin Beale sat down with Alain Mizrahi, CEO of Grupo RADAR to discuss his expert perspectives on an array of topics across insights including technology advancements, methodology enhancements and more.

Alain discussed the evolution he has seen over three decades in the industry, explaining, "In September 2022, I will celebrate 33 years of activity in this industry, 26 of them as CEO of my own company. When I started working, having a computer was still a luxury. We did the fieldwork in Uruguay, the paper questionnaires were sent to Argentina, processed there, and the paper reports were sent back to us, and finally delivered to our clients. The whole process took about a month! A product test for the launch of a new soap could take around six months; what client would be willing to wait that long nowadays? When we bought our own data processing software, around 1990, we had to physically bring someone from Chile to train us in its use. Today you could download a video tutorial!"

Read the entire discussion between Crispin and Alain that spans international challenges, technology enhancements, methodology advancements, speed vs. accuracy, and more. Read the entire discussion at the link below.

The Global Impact of Market Research

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