The essentials to delivering exceptional customer service

The growing importance of customer service and how it is evolving as consumers become increasingly savvy.

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mTab's Crispin Beale sat down with Jo Causon, Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of Customer Service, to discuss the ever-evolving customer service industry in terms of its innovation, best practices, and impact on the overall customer experience. They discuss various topics around delivering exceptional customer service and how it can drive operational and market success for brands.

Jo discusses the need to commit to and invest in customer service, saying, "The business case for investment in improving service is clear – our research shows that organisations who outperform their sector in terms of customer satisfaction over the longer term achieve better levels of financial performance, reputation, loyalty and productivity in the long term.”

Jo reviews a variety of service pitfalls to avoid, but also many fundamentals to drive exceptional service for customers. As she explains, "Common themes are getting things right the first time, showing genuine empathy for their customers and making it easy to contact them and in these challenging times seeking to understand, deliver and reassure."

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The importance of customer service