How tech is driving insight innovation and leadership

Ed Clarke from Microsoft and Mark Langsfeld from mTab discuss the evolving role of technology with insights.

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Crispin Beale sat down with Ed Clarke and Mark Langfeld to discuss how technology enhances innovation and elevates leadership for insights. Ed is Microsoft's Market Research Director, leading the commercial team that provides research support for go-to-market strategies, digital transformation, and customer engagement across the organization. Mark is the CEO of mTab and serves as chair for the Insight250.

Ed talks about the challenges technology presents to organizations, saying, "Probably one of the biggest challenges today’s workforce has is staying focused within an increasing array of clutter and distraction. Workers are constantly being bombarded by entities trying to gain their attention. This perpetual and increasing distraction is starting to take a toll on productivity."

When asked about the need for faster market and consumer understanding, Mark explained, "While the demand for and execution of market research is accelerating, I don’t believe we’re at a stage where it is occurring so fast that time is an issue. There are challenges with setting up research appropriately in terms of unbiased questions and correct sampling. These are not new issues, but the pressure to conduct research faster can make these corners that can be cut to accommodate speed."

Ed and Mark discuss topics ranging from the advantages and challenges of technology to the increasing role of artificial intelligence, and more. You can read the entire interview at the link below.

Technology's impact on innovation and leadership