Building and sustaining a competitive insight advantage

How to effectively produce and protect competitive advantages from Kantar's Amy Cashman.

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One of the most common questions asked across market research, and insight operations is how to effectively produce and protect competitive advantages for a business. mTab's Crispin Beale recently sat down with Amy Cashman of Kantar to discuss the varying dimensions of this topic.

Among the topics discussed in this sit-down session were the advantages and disadvantages large research companies have over smaller, more nimble organizations. As Amy shared, "I think creating competitive advantage is easier in a large organisation like Kantar. We have a huge client base, 25,000+ great minds to generate ideas and solutions, and coverage across geographies so we can spot trends happening in one place and roll them out in others. The creative energy that flows in that type of organisation is one of the key reasons I am still here at Kantar after 14 years. That said, I think it can be harder to sustain the advantage in a larger organisation. You are reliant on consistency and adoption across a far wider group of people."

Amy and Crispin continue the conversation on topics ranging from the roles of technology advancements versus human understanding in shaping competitive advantage, incorporating innovation to evolve competitive strongholds, the fundamental advantage insights deliver to brands, and more. You can read the entire interview in Research World's Insight250 series at the link below.

Creating and sustaining competitive advantage