Woman and Stats – Like Two Peas In a Pod

Big Data not only creates lots of data it also, according to the Washington Post, is creating a lot of jobs for people who will sort through all that dataresearch_success – stats jobs. And those statistically focused jobs are increasingly being filled by women. In fact, more than 40 percent of  degrees in statistics go to women and women make up 40 percent of faculty moving into tenured positions in the statistical field.

There is no single reason why women are drawn to statistics more than other science related fields. Some studies indicate the collaborative and team focused culture of statistics is a draw for women. In further evidence of this trend, The American Statistical Association is hosting the first Women in Statistics conference this year and funding a public school campaign highlighting Big Data professions to middle and high school girls.

Although women are making inroads in areas like statistics, employers like Google and Facebook are still 60 to 70 percent male. With the continued growth of the troves of data from Big Data and the increased presence of women in statistics and fields that readily analyze this data,
Google and Facebook are certain to see more female statisticians among their employees.