Top Features to Look for in Survey Analysis Software

With so many survey analysis software options on the market, you could spend weeks researching every little feature and function. Or you could cut to the chase and make your research much easier. Rather than trying to compare features of all options side-by-side, your company can save time by determining two key factors:

  • How you’ll use the survey analysis software
  • Your top priority when using it

With that in mind, we’ve created a rundown of different survey analysis software features that align with different company priorities.

Priority: Ease and Convenience

Companies that want their survey analysis software up and running, well, sometime yesterday may opt for a package hailed for its ease and convenience. Features here would include:

  • Intuitive interface to limit required training
  • Spreadsheet views of survey results, along with common spreadsheet functions, to provide instant familiarity
  • Ability to save questions and queries to share with other users
  • Tools designed for on-the-spot editing and sorting

Survey analysis software tools that can make life easier include those that give you the ability to edit and sort data right on the spot. Such tools may allow for shading, formatting text and drawing lines.

Advanced sorting capabilities often allow for sorting responses in various ways, sorting questions by particular data types, and sorting multiple columns at the same time. Being able to ignore the filter function can also come in handy when you want to review both filtered and unfiltered results.

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Priority: Versatility

Many survey analysis software options can cover the basics, but you’ll want to look beyond the basics if you’re aiming to take your survey results into overdrive. The most versatile programs with include features that let you work with multiple data types, in-depth studies and data visualizations.

  • Support for multiple data types: Advanced software can analyze numeric values and dates, as well as a variety of other response variables. Look for a program that lets you incorporate things like customer names, addresses and identification numbers, along with open-text responses.
  • In-depth study capabilities: If you’re planning to really go to town with survey results, make sure your survey analysis software can integrate different datasets to produce a single study. You may also want to analyze multiple studies at the same time, calculate results across several different spreadsheets, or add a third or second dimension for additional questions or even additional studies.
  • Data visualization options: Graphics and other data visualization options can make reports more professional and easier to comprehend. Look for straightforward graphing tools and chart types, with the best programs offering a variety of charts available in both 2D and 3D.

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Priority: Longevity

Those looking for a survey analysis software package they can use for the long haul want to keep two main features in mind.

  • Unlimited database size, so you can keep adding to it as needed
  • Rapid results, which typically comes from software that uses a compact data format to run extensive queries in seconds

The final feature you’ll want with any survey analysis software you choose is a reliable to get help whenever you need it. Online help sections can be extremely useful for common troubleshooting needs. Optimum software vendors will likewise provide a support team that can quickly tend to your specific questions or issues when they arise.