Top 4 Benefits of Survey Analysis Software

If your company research methods involve pen, paper and manual spreadsheets, they’re also likely to involve loads of headaches. Survey analysis software takes a lot of the pain out of research, providing a streamlined, straightforward way to gain insights that help improve your business. Check out these top four benefits of survey analysis software to get a glimpse of what you may be missing.

Improves Research ROI

Manual methods and old-school research and analysis techniques can eat up loads of time and resources, making ROI rather low. Survey analysis software speeds up and simplifies the entire process, from helping you create and conduct surveys to collecting the data and analyzing the results. Improve research ROI even more by sticking with online and mobile surveys that have an extremely small cost per respondent.

Assesses Large Population

Thanks to its broad capabilities, survey analysis software is able to gather and assess data from a large pool of respondents. Larger survey populations tend to yield more accurate samples from which you can draw conclusions and make decisions that impact your business moving forward.

Comes with Flexible Options

Survey analysis software provides multiple levels of flexibility, allowing you to tailor your research process to suit your company’s exact needs. That flexibility extends to:

  • Administering surveys in many modes, ranging from online and mobile surveys to email and social media surveys
  • Customizing surveys using different types of questions, styles and formats
  • Personalizing the colors, themes, images, and layout to align with your brand
  • Targeting a certain demographic or customer segment
  • Asking a variety of questions about a subject, giving you numerous options for analysis
  • Collecting data related to different aspects of your respondent base, such as their values, behaviors, beliefs, opinions, attitudes and buying habits
  • Analyzing data based on certain characteristics or attributes of your surveyed population
  • Reporting results with charts, graphs, crosstabs or other images and layouts geared toward your specific audience

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Provides Reliable Data

A number of survey software features can help ensure your data is reliable and your results accurate.

Anonymous surveys: Keeping online surveys anonymous and promising confidentiality can prompt respondents to provide the most honest answers.

Accurate input: Online surveys allow respondents to fill in the responses themselves, eliminating the risk of data entry error found when transferring information from paper or telephone surveys into a database.

Advanced techniques: Using advanced statistical techniques is frequently another option. You can use the software for analyzing data to determine statistical significance, reliability and validity.

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Although survey analysis software comes with big advantages, big corporations aren’t the only ones who can benefit from it. In addition to being flexible in terms of functions, survey software is flexible in terms of users. Some software packages are designed for smaller organizations or even individual researchers, while others are geared toward medium and larger firms.

Whether your company is sizable, small or somewhere in between, there’s no reason you can’t improve your research with survey analysis software.