Surprising Stats behind the Oscars

Academy_Award_trophyWhile you may already know about this year’s Oscar nominations, you may be less familiar to what goes into getting a win. Writer and producer Stephen Follows went behind the fanfare to dig up some surprising statistics about the Academy Awards, including the average cost of an Oscar campaign.

Oscar Campaign Cost

Campaigning for an Oscar is long, hard and incredibly expensive. Launch a campaign for your film to win the Best Picture Oscar and you can expect to shell out around $10 million.

  • $72,000 Cost of an ad on the first page of The Hollywood Reporting during Oscar season
  • $20,000 Bonus PR reps get if their campaign leads to an Oscar nomination or win (this is on top of the $10,000 to $15,000 they’re paid per movie campaign)

While exact numbers can vary from film to film, Follows did a breakdown on the costs associated with four 2014 nominees to get a general idea of where the money goes.

  • 53: Percentage of campaign funds that go to advertising
  • 12: Percentage of funds that go to screeners
  • 35: Percentage of funds that go to other costs

Screeners are preview copies of the movies on DVD, with a screener typically sent to each of the 6,028 voting members of the Academy. A less costly option is sending out digital copies of the film via iTunes.

  • $290,000: Cost for a 2014 nominee to mail out 54,000 screeners
  • $12,000: Cost for that same nominee to send out digital copies of the film

Other costs associated with an Oscar campaign include getting talent to pre-Oscar functions and prepping the stars for their very public appearances.

  • $2,000: Nightly cost for grooming an actor for the red carpet
  • $3,500: Nightly cost for prepping an actress for the red carpet
  • $30,000: Cost one studio spent on transportation getting stars to various pre-Oscar events

Is it all worth it? Maybe.

  • $12.7 million: Average increase in earnings of an Oscar-nominated film versus those not nominated
  • $3.9 million: Increase in earnings of a Best Actor winner
  • $500,000: Increase in earnings of a Best Actress winner

One last surprise (or not) may be the accuracy with which these awards can be predicted. Best Picture, Actor and Actress awards can each be predicted with 77 percent accuracy, with Best Director awards predicted with a 93 percent success rate.

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