Slideworx is Now Part of the mTab Family

This opportunity allows us to accelerate our product innovation, strengthen user experience and support for our customers, and create more opportunities for career growth for our current and future employees. Read the full press release here

Operate from a single source of truth

Map the full customer journey

Tell better stories

Uncover game-changing insights

mTab empowers you to create more value every step of the way.

If you’re a global enterprise with complex multi-source, multi-market or multi-year data, mTab will integrate it on a single platform for you, configure it, and give you tools to extract insights faster, tell better stories, and guide decisions.


Combine and reshape multiple data sources for a single version of the truth.

Our expert data integration team takes care of compiling multi-year and multi-source data so you don’t have to. No need to be a data scientist. mTab integrates and reshapes your data according to your rules. You have a single source of truth and one powerful tool to analyze it all.

survey analysis with mtab software


Get complex data right so analysts can extract more value, sooner.

mTab eliminates the trade-off between getting it fast and getting it right. Exponentially improve turn-around times on high-value projects, confident that your data is correctly interpreted and is consistent with your corporate world view.


Bring data to life with interactive visualizations and dashboards.

A picture is worth a thousand numbers. mTab’s interactive dashboards link directly to raw data and illuminate holistic thinking that pulls coherent insights out of numbers. Customize. Deep dive. Trend. Change filters. Compare.

Coherent Insights

Share insights across your organization, with consistency and control.

Amplify your team, producing more valuable insights in less time for every stakeholder, from marketing to product development. Democratize data without the risk of anarchy. The mTab system centralizes control and reduces potential for misinterpretation.


Tell better stories. Pull dashboards and data into native PPT to share company-wide.

Take storytelling to a new level with mTab’s unique tools. Instead of downloading dashboard views as screen shots that you can’t edit, create dynamic presentations with our Storyboard feature, which lets you export dashboards and data natively into PowerPoint. Modify on the fly. Can’t wait to automate? With mTabView, automatically update reports with one click whenever new data is available.

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30 years’ experience helping major brands manage complexity.

mTab has spent over 30 years addressing the complex database challenges facing the world’s largest global enterprises, from automotive to financial services. No other resource can equal the depth of our expertise or the scope of our technology. We’ve seen and solved every imaginable challenge.