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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development
What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile Application Development is the process of creating an application for a mobile device. This includes the design of the application, compilation of code, and deployment of the app. Mobile app development includes all parts of creating an app, from the very first idea all the way until it is finalized and made public- and Atimi offers all of these services.

How Do I Make a Mobile App?

The development processes that go into developing an app can be overwhelming. Developing an app includes coming up with a prototype for your idea, documenting steps and milestones that must be taken, and even learning a coding language to build your app. Without clear direction, oftentimes people can get frustrated and give up early on.
This is why developers who build mobile applications specialize in their coding languages and have prior experience coding with them. They are able to come up with fully functional apps based on the client’s interests. Hiring a developer comes in very handy when wanting to build a mobile app, and our developers here at Atimi have the skills necessary to create what you’re looking for.

Which languages go into building an app?

There are actually many different languages that can be used when creating a mobile app. For Android devices, languages such as Java, Python, or PHP can be used. These are not the only languages that Android mobile applications can be coded in, as there are many more.

On the other hand, creating mobile applications for Apple devices that use iOS software was primarily done by using the language Objective-C. However, another popular language emerged that works great for creating iOS apps, called Swift. Building iOS apps can also be coded using other languages like Python.

You can use any language you’d like to create a mobile app- as long as it’s able to offer mobile functionality. Remember to research about the language as is important to make sure that it can support mobile applications. You may also want to play around with different languages until you feel comfortable coding with a certain one.

Which App Development Software is Out There?

While coding from scratch is one way to build a mobile application, there are also app development software that allow users to create apps without coding. Some of these applications also include prebuilt and ready-made templates that can be used as a starting point. App development software includes TheAppBuilder,, and GameSalad.

While using an app development software can ease the difficulty of creating an app, it still requires you to do research and brainstorm about what you want to create. This also means that you must come up with a prototype of your app and the different functionalities that you’d like for it to include. It can become a frustrating task very quickly, but our app development services at Atimi can make this easier for you.

Atimi offers mobile app development services so that you can have your app built exactly the way you like it. We will take your feedback and come up with a design that you are looking for. Bring your app ideas to life with Atimi
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