Survey Analysis Software

Why is mTAB always on top of the list when organizations are looking for an enterprise survey application? Put simply; mTAB provides the industry's best survey analysis software today. If you are into surveys, we promise that you will fall in love with our software. You'll wonder how you ever administered and collected surveys without it. One thing's for sure; you'll never want to not use mTAB for survey analysis again. Survey analysis has never been as easy as it is with mTAB.

When to Use Survey Analysis Software?

It usually starts with a business group that has a particular need. They use research tools on the Internet and soon discover what many independent reviewers of advanced applications discovered - mTAB is the most dynamic and robust advanced survey analysis software on the market today. mTAB offers its users a full suite of advanced yet easy-to-use features for small, medium, and large organizations.

Meeting the more sophisticated requirements of corporate IT, information security, and database management is just a starting point. We all know that the real work is being done at the department or group level. If you are being tasked with building out a complex voice of your customers, employee engagement, or product feedback program; your concerns are different, and they need to be addressed. That's when mTAB comes in handy.

What to Know About Survey Analysis Tools?

The first question is always, "How easy is this software to use?" Can anyone in my group open it up and build a fairly complex survey without too much trouble? Could they learn to do that in just a day or so? After this, then come concerns about survey management. You might want to know if you can have multiple users or if you can control access to multiple levels and permissions; if you can manage your surveys across departments, corporate divisions, or countries. Can you do all of this in a way that makes sense and ensures confidentiality? With mTAB, the answer is yes. mTAB is the easiest to use and most dynamic tool for analyzing surveys.

But what about reporting? mTAB has its own reporting features, but mTAB also allows users to easily export their data to a BI platform like Click Tech, Tableau, Business Objects, or Oracle. Finally, comes support. This is mTAB's sweet spot. mTAB support is legendary! Any time a user needs assistance with our platform, we are available to assist. Whether it's answering questions or assisting with technical matters, mTAB is there 24/7.

So why not give us a try? You can sign up for a free trial and test drive our one-of-a-kind survey analysis software. If you don't love it, feel free to cancel at any time without penalty. We know that you need a solution that is customizable, easy-to-use, and that adds value to your organization. That's exactly what mTAB provides! Try it today and see for yourself.

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Survey Data Visualization

Whether you are analyzing data yourself or need to make a presentation of your findings, using survey data visualization is a great way to present and analyze your data without boring your audience or yourself to sleep. Infographics make data more interesting and engaging. They help you to glean more complex and valuable information from your survey data.

Combining charts, graphics and text can take your data analyzation to the next level and help you get more from it. Survey data visualization is a great way to make key survey insights pop. For this, there is no better tool on the market today than mTAB. Here are some tips on how mTAB can help you get more out of your survey data analysis.

How to Get Started with Survey Data Visualization 

The first step is to organize your survey data in a logical order. Unfortunately, your information and data seldom come in neat and organized. It is your responsibility to depict your data in a manner that clearly highlights your key findings. Charts and graphs can be incredibly beneficial for survey viewers to quickly process data. Just provide a backdrop for each visualization aid and a context.

When people think about survey data visualization, they often overcomplicate it. The best thing to do is to keep it simple. Your survey design should serve to enhance data comprehension. All-too-often, the design ends up dominating the survey and distracts from it rather than enhancing it. Having too many elements or unneeded design aspects will do that.

As with everything, survey data visualization is about finding the proper balance. While you don't want to overdo the design, you also don't want it to be too simple or omit precious details. Instead, find the best balance. mTAB survey visualization software is a great aid for creating simple yet highly effective visual aids for your data sets.

What are the Right Visualization Tools for My Survey? 

In addition to these design tips, you should also know which charts to use for visual aids for any given data set. Using the wrong chart can muddle your data's message. Additionally, using the wrong charts can actually be more confusing than beneficial. Knowing when to use line charts, pie charts, bar charts, or stacked charts can be difficult. mTAB survey analysis software makes this process of data visualization easy by providing intuitive charts for different types of data.

How to Make Survey Visualization Credible

Remember that, depending on who you share your surveys with, you want them to be credible. One of the ways you can establish trust with your survey results is to always be transparent about the margin or error. Make all of your data and totals clear.

Because people have a tendency to overcomplicate the design of their surveys, keep the colors and effects limited. For example, certain effects, such as shading and 3-D effects, can actually skew your colors, as do loud colors. Remember, keep your design simple, and you should be alright.

Market Research Software

Executing detailed market research before starting a business or launching a product is crucial to its subsequent success (if there is to be any). Sometimes, market research can be used by a company to determine a course of action or to validate market beliefs before making big directional decisions for your organization. Market research can help an organization test new waters to make sure they're deep enough before diving in headlong.

Why Use Market Research Software?

The right word spoken at the wrong time equates to the wrong word spoken. Doing the right thing at the wrong time equates to doing the wrong thing. Starting a business or launching a product into your market at the wrong time equals a failed product or business. As you see, market research is crucial for business success. Yet, market research can only be as effective as the tools you use. mTAB Survey Analysis Software is the best market research software today.

To get more in-depth information from your survey analysis and market research, you have to spend lots of time on your processes. Everything from survey design to using Excel to unlock hidden treasures of truth in your research data; it all takes lots of time! mTAB offers a suite of analysis, visualization, and storytelling tools that provide insights you would never gain from manual market research. We invite you to start your free trial today.

What's the Best Market Research Software

The best market research software should be robust and help you simplify all of your market research processes, and that's exactly what mTAB does. Our state-of-the-art software is revolutionizing the way people perform market research, and that's no exaggeration! What exactly does our Survey Analysis Software allow for?

With mTAB, you can instantly cross-tabulate intricate data sets and perform trending analysis across multiple data sets with the click of a mouse. You'll be able to export your data to PowerPoint or Excel. You can import your market research data from top survey tools, SPSS, or rely on our data experts to convert your research projects for you. We make even the most complex and intricate data easy to analyze.

What's the Benefit of Market Research Software?

Our market analysis software goes above and beyond the current top-level market analysis tools. Essentially, we take the best of each market research tool, make it better, and add in additional features that improve them beyond what words can describe. Plus, mTAB can integrate data from any of these other market research software platforms.

Simply, and most notably, you'll be able to automate your market research. This gives you more of your invaluable time back to you. Once you experience our world-leading market research software, you will never want to go back to your old way of analyzing and interpreting data again. Sign up for your free trial today, and, in the meantime, be sure to contact mTAB regarding our products and services if you have any questions.

Survey Data Statistical Analysis

Survey data statistical analysis starts with knowing and choosing the right kinds of questions for your survey. The reason why it's important to know the different types of survey questions in advance is that the types of questions asked on surveys will dictate the kind of analysis we can perform and the conclusions we can draw. This is why it is paramount to get your survey questions right first.

Using the Right Questions for Survey Data Statistical Analysis

Your survey questions can be divided into three types. This is sometimes called the Level of Measurement. First, we have category-type queries that are referred to as nominal questions. Nominal questions are ones where survey participants will choose from a list of categories, which may include 'male' or 'female,' or they may include ethnic origin.

Secondly, we have ordinal-type queries that are just like category questions. However, ordinal-type questions have some order between them. For example, you might ask your survey respondents to indicate their age into categories.

Thirdly, we have continuous-type questions. These are the kinds of questions where answers are given with numbers. It might be an open-ended question that asks something like 'How many times have you attended conventions.' It could also involve something like asking the individual to write about the seriousness of some experience they've had.

Steps to Doing Survey Statistical Analysis

The first step of survey data statistical analysis is to code your questionnaire. This means looking at each question and allocating a number for each possible response. For example, on a category-type question about gender, you can allocate 1=male and 2=female. If the question is about age, and it's based on categories, you can allocate your numbers the following way:

1=15-20-year-old age group
2=21-30-year-old age group
And so on.

The next step is to transfer information from questionnaires to a Spreadsheet or a statistical page such as an SVSS. Once the questions have been entered, you need to come up with a strategy for your analysis. Ideally, they should be linked to your research questions.

Getting the Most Out of Survey Questions

The first stage of survey data analysis should be to summarize and describe the responses to each question in turn. For category-type questions, you can count or determine the frequency of the questions. For example, you can find the frequency and occurrence of the males of and females. This is usually reported using percentages, pie charts, and bar charts.

Ordinal questions, such as the responses to various age categories, are reported in the same manner. When it comes to describing and summarizing continuous-type questions, you can use measures of central tendency. This is called the average. However, in research language, we refer to it as the mean, median, and mode.

mTAB survey data analysis software makes easy work out of survey data statistical analysis. Our software is the best in the industry, cheap, and we offer a free trial.

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