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mTAB is the maker of the world's most robust market research tool that makes survey creation and analysis a breeze! We have survey solutions for every need, and we offer a free trial. Be sure to sign up for your free trial today, and don't hesitate to contact our support team if you need help getting started.

You likely already know the benefits of surveys and how they can help you grow your business and be more profitable. mTAB is like surveys on steroids!

Incorporate Data from Any Kind of Survey

Using surveys to gather feedback from your target audience is a cost-effective means of getting the information that you need to make the best choices for your business. Of course, phone surveys and paper surveys are more expensive and time-consuming to use that digital surveys are. The latter requires a lot more time to compute the data you receive from them, but mTAB can automate and incorporate data sets derived from any kind of survey!

mTAB provides a dynamic and flexible platform that can be customized according to your own survey needs. Using a combination of different survey types can be highly beneficial for gathering comprehensive, more detailed information and for reaching your target demographics wherever they are. You can use email surveys, social media surveys, face-to-face interview surveys, and many other kinds of surveys to get the feedback you need from the people you need it from. Just plug your data into our platform, and let mTAB work its magic.

Best Survey Analysis Technology

It's amazing how many ways in which technology assists our daily lives. For this reason, all of us are able to do a lot of things in a fraction of the time that these things would have taken just a few short years ago. An example would be researching.

Before the proliferation of the World Wide Web, when people wanted to research a topic, they had to break out the encyclopedias or go to their public libraries. Researching was once a very time-consuming task, and that wasn't too long ago!

Now, people can just go to Google and type in a question and get the answers they want in real time. How fortunate we are to live in this day and age!

Another example of how technology benefits us is in survey creation, distribution, and analysis. Using the best technology in the business, mTAB has created market research software that allows people to create surveys fast - surveys that ask the questions you want to ask.

With the click of a button, you can get your surveys to exactly whom you want to receive them. Once your surveys are completed, you can use the technology provided in our software to analyze key points in your surveys and find out information and data that you never would have found before or that would have taken hours or days to extract. Contact mTAB today if you would like to learn more about who we are and how our survey analysis tool can help you.

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How To Analyze Survey Data

Inaccurate data can lead to misinformed decision-making on the part of businesses and organizations that wish to track customer experience and satisfaction. In the age of social media, most companies know that their customers, employees, and their markets can make or break their businesses. Surveys are a great way for professionals who manage customer satisfaction to get feedback about the experiences and attitudes that exist towards their businesses. Yet, if you don't know how to collect and analyze survey data, what good will it do you?

If you know how to get the information you need and analyze it properly, it can make a huge impact on your company for the better. Having a survey design that fits your needs and brand can shed light on opportunities you would have otherwise never known existed. On the other hand; ineffective or poorly designed surveys can have you grasping at straws in the dark. In fact, you probably shouldn't even worry about how to analyze survey data until you figure out how to make great surveys that capture the data and information you need.

How to Design a Survey

Just like with designing a website, when you are creating a new survey, it's always good to break out the pen and paper. You'll want to write down your goals and hypothesis at this point. Write down the information you want to take away from your survey, along with some questions to answer your hypothesis. You'll also want to write down the answers that you expect to get from your survey questions first.

Alongside each answer, you'll want to think about how many responses you expect for each answer. Once your survey is complete, you can then compare results against your projections. Doing so will indicate whether your intuition is accurate or if there are blind spots you can improve.

How to Create the Best Survey Styles

A lot of effort and forethought should go into your survey style and format. The way that you set up and structure your questionnaire will determine how far your data collection will go. Therefore, it will determine how deep your analysis will be. If you wish to truly gain worthwhile insights from your surveys, you would want to think about how you will interpret the responses you get before creating your survey - not after.

There are four types of Q&A styles on surveys:

  • Categorical
  • Ordinal
  • Interval
  • Ratio

Why Use Surveys to Collect Data?

Surveys are powerful tools in terms of collecting feedback from clients and customers. They can guide you into making sound decisions for your business. However, you must know how to analyze survey data. You must know how to put together a quality survey and make it work.

The cool part about polls, questionnaires, and surveys is that people who interact with your products and services are usually happy to tell you about their experiences with it. Still, you need to make sure your surveys are built right, and mTAB can help you with this and help you figure out how to analyze survey data. Contact us to learn more.

Survey Data Analysis

So you've worked hard, done all the legwork, and you've finally finished your survey, and now, you're overwhelmed by the data. We see this all the time at mTAB. What on earth does all the data really mean? How do these answers relate to each other? How do you examine this information to extract greater details from it. You know that there are gems to be found within your survey data, but your survey data analysis software is just too basic.

The high-end software is too complicated to use and way too expensive at that! Well, take heart! At last, there is a solution for you. Say hello to mTAB!

How to Analyze Data from Surveys?

mTAB is web-based software that makes it easy for you to analyze your survey data and generate useful insights. All you have to do is upload your survey data to mTAB and our one-of-a-kind software does the rest. mTAB supports all of the popular survey tools, such as Survey Monkey, Snap Surveys, and loads more.

mTAB software is revolutionizing survey data analysis, providing lots of different layouts to suit your analysis needs. Make your selections and your basic report is ready. The days of spending hours and hours in Excel Spreadsheets analyzing individual pieces of data are over! Our dynamic survey analysis software takes the guesswork and the hard work out of survey data analysis.

What Can mTAB Survey Analysis Tool Do?

mTAB's tables and charts use arrows to highlight the most interesting and useful information. You can use our filters to modify your reports accordingly. The great thing about our software is that you don't have to be any kind of expert to use it. It has a vast array of uses and functionality and comes with a very small learning curve. For someone who is even just mildly familiar with using the Internet and various types of web-based software, it shouldn't take more than a few minutes to acclimate to our platform.

What's the Best Survey Data Analysis Software?

No other survey analysis tool allows for a more extensive reporting experience as mTAB's software does. For example, you can create a word cloud to analyze text data and see which words are used most. Then, you can take that information and use it to glean further invaluable information.

You can dig even deeper into your data, discover market segments with mTAB's group's tools or predict which group of customers will be the most profitable with mTAB's predictive tree tool. These are super-advanced tools but are very easy to use. Want to share your findings?

mTAB allows users to export their reports as .pdfs, web pages, or PowerPoints presentations. This way, you can easily share your findings with your colleagues, business partners, or research groups. What are you waiting for? Sign up for a free account at today. Once you experience the mTAB platform, you'll never want to look at a Spreadsheet again!

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