mTab named a leading marketing platform

iFour Technolab recently published a list of Leading Marketing Platforms for 2020. The list features technology solutions that are focused on helping businesses manage the “waves of digital change” and “think innovatively.” mTab is included in the innovative business technology list, which includes solutions like LinkedIn, Instagram, Hubspot and The Trade Desk.

As the article states, “Understanding your customer is the key to data-driven decision making, enhanced strategy and overall effective marketing, which has become even more critical given the shifting customer attitudes and behaviors related to COVID 19.” The article points to mTab as the solution that synthesizes fragmented internal and external customer datasets to deliver attitudinal and behavioral customer understanding.

As Mark Langsfeld, CEO of mTab explained, “With the complex market challenges of COVID and isolation, we’re helping Marketing, Innovation, Experience, Sales and Strategy teams understand the overarching impact on the customer and how their behaviors, attitudes, preferences and interactions are evolving. This understanding is the first critical step that is needed as innovations are developed, strategies are designed, tactics are engaged and investments are made. You have to understand before you act.”

Learn more about mTab’s advanced customer experience insight solutions here.