Utilities Case Study:

Leading US Utility Company

The Challenge:

  • Understand and benchmark J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Study scores against 15 peers in the segment
  • Monitor critical factors that drive the overall customer satisfaction score
  • View trends of consumer satisfaction from wave to wave and year to year
  • Reduce the turnaround time of the labor-intensive and error-prone cut and paste process required to update and disseminate various customer satisfaction scorecards throughout the organization with every release of J.D. Power data

mTab’s Solution:

mTab designed a custom database and dashboard solution that facilitates the continuous tracking and analyzing of customer satisfaction. The dashboard allows the results of each refresh of the J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Study to be distilled into meaningful visualizations and distributed throughout the entire organization in a matter of moments. This enables the company to uncover deeper insights into its customer satisfaction data, which empowers the creation of plans and initiatives to directly target improving customer satisfaction.

The Results:

  • Improved customer satisfaction ranking in segment by 12 places over four years since the dashboard was introduced
  • Consolidated the output of multiple J.D. Power studies across multiple years and various internal customer satisfaction scorecards into one dashboard
  • Surveys were conducted through various survey panel providers and vendors
  • Eliminated the 6-8 weeks of research analyst time required to manually update and disseminate customer satisfaction scorecards
  • Increased data accuracy by eliminating cut and paste process of updating scorecards
  • Enabled one-click filtering to produce different cuts of data for various groups within the organization, all in the same dashboard

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