Insurance companies utilize mTab to harvest more value from survey data and speed up turn around times of research requests.

Insurance agencies utilize market research as a means of identifying ways to differentiate their service offerings and improve loyalty. mTab provides a one-stop portal for the analysis of commercial and consumer line tracking studies, customer satisfaction trackers, defector studies, agent satisfaction and claims research. mTab allows decision makers and analysts to compare, combine, trend and report their entire array of consumer and commercial survey results within one easy to use platform.

Example data we work with

  • Auto Claims Satisfaction Studies
  • Insurance Shopping Satisfaction Studies
  • Homeowners Insurance Satisfaction Studies
  • Recreational Vehicle Insurance Satisfaction Studies
  • Brand Tracking Studies
  • Segmentation Studies
  • Consumer Motivation Studies

Data spotlight:

Auto Claims Satisfaction

Users’ experience while filing a claim is a key driver of customer loyalty in automotive insurance. Insurance companies utilize mTab to deep dive into their auto claims satisfaction studies to get a 360-degree view into the claim process and to measure and track key performance metrics of claims professionals, such as providing an explanation of policy coverage, taking loss report in 15 minutes or less, and providing post-claim follow up.

Case Study

Foremost Insurance

Foremost cut response times of ad-hoc research requests from days to minutes using mTAB

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