Leading Consumer Technology Company

The Challenge:

  • Generate customer and product insights using data from 10 different syndicated research providers
  • Organize and warehouse all syndicated research data from various providers in one analytics tool
  • Decrease response time to global research requests from internal customers
  • Analyze data across time periods to identify trends
  • Standardize and streamline complex customer segmentation analysis globally

mTab’s Solution:

mTab provides a platform for the company to warehouse all of its syndicated research data in one place. mTab’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface lets even the most novice members of the market research team generate insights through trending data over time and performing complex customer segmentation analysis.

The Results:

  • Enabled the company to store 50+ syndicated research studies from 10 different data providers on a single platform
  • Decreased time to access to data, generate key insights, and respond to ad-hoc research requests from internal customers
  • Increased understanding of customer segments without writing computer code due to mTab’s recode and user defined question features

Want deeper insights into your customer segments?