How Crosstab Software Changed My Life

LifeChangingI used to be one of those people who worked more than 65 hours each week, with a family that barely recognized me and a dog that pretty much treated me like a stranger. All that changed when I met crosstab software, and the same can certainly happen for you.

Thanks to crosstab software’s efficiency, accuracy and ease-of-use, my life has changed dramatically. Here’s how.

My Kid Thinks I’m a Superhero

This achievement is a challenging one in today’s world, especially Spider-Man is still on the scene. While I’m still not able to spin a web any size, I gained superhero status with my predictions on my kid’s soccer team’s wins and losses.

All I had to do was borrow statistics already gathered from my son’s Type-A-personality coach, pop them into crosstab software, and voila! I had a comprehensive, in-depth look at competing players, shots taken, goals scored, wind conditions, field locations and anything else I needed to predict which team would win any given game.

My kid’s team got the trophy by the way, a feat I suspect was helped along by the strategies the coach cooked up after I shared my crosstab results with him.

My Dog Actually Likes Me

Instead of growling at me when I come home from work, my dog now runs to the door to greet me. Sure, it helps that I was able to figure out which toys and treats my dog would find most appealing – and then gift him with them on a regular basis.

Here again, crosstab software came to the rescue. I gathered data on different treats and toys, preferences of dogs of different ages, sizes and breeds, and then went to town testing my crosstab results with my own dog’s reaction to these goodies. My dog went wild during the testing process, and he continues to enjoy his top three picks every week.

I Have Time for my Family (and Friends)

Notice the “friends” part of the heading is in parenthesis. That’s because they are a relatively new addition to my life. I didn’t have any when I worked 60+ hours per week and was constantly stressed out at work about inaccurate survey results and the arduous task of trying to make sense of all the data.

Yep, crosstab software again changed my life for the better. Instead of manually entering mounds of data into some type of spreadsheet, crosstab software saves me tons of time by instantly organizing the results I want and need based on the queries I pose.

I can look at data based on any variables I choose in a format that’s both easy to read and understand. While I still have to spend time prepping data before I enter it into the system, that’s nothing compared to the hours and hours I’d spend creating spreadsheets and then attempting to find something meaningful in the mess.

Without crosstab software, I was a burnt-out, overworked, absentee husband, father and dog owner. Now I’m a superhero, family man and my dog’s best friend. All because of crosstab software.