Crosstab Software: What It Is, Why You Need It

Crosstab SoftwareThe deeper you can delve into and analyze your survey data, the more meaningful it becomes for your company. And one way to dig deep into data analysis is with crosstab software. Crosstab software is an analytic tool that performs the function of cross-tabulation, which is a way to review the relationship between two or more survey questions.

Without cross-tabulation, you may only be privy to a superficial view of your data. Cross-tabulation allows you to compare the relationship or differences between different variables to get a much more in-depth view of you survey results. A few examples can help illustrate the crosstab concept.

Example 1: Without Cross-Tabulation 

Let’s say your overall survey asked how likely the participants were to purchase your product within the next year. Your overall results may only provide the basic rundown:

  • Yes, intend to purchase: 54 percent
  • No, don’t intend to purchase: 33 percent
  • Not sure: 13 percent

While you do have an idea of how many products you may sell over the next year, you don’t receive much information that can help with your marketing efforts.

Example 2: With Cross-Tabulation

Perhaps you have a hunch that the people who are more likely to buy your product are women. Crosstab software would allow you to quickly set up a report that lets you view the relationship between gender and the intent to purchase your product.

Your report could be set up various ways, with charts, graphs or other visuals, but the overall data would remain the same. One variable would be the gender of the survey participants and another would be their intent to purchase your product.

Here your results might look something like this:

  • Yes, intend to purchase: Women: 87 percent / Men: 22 percent
  • No, don’t intend to purchase:  Women: 6 percent / Men: 29 percent
  • Not sure: Women: 7 percent / Men: 49 percent

In this case the crosstab software generates a report that shows your hunch is correct, that more women are indeed intending to purchase your product over the next year. It also shows that the majority of men are not sure about making that purchase, giving you a solid audience segment to target for transforming their indecisiveness into a positive decision.

Example 3: Additional Cross-Tabulations

Crosstab options can include as many variables as you wish. In addition to outlining the relationship between gender and intent to purchase, you could look at different aspects of your survey results that include:

  • Income levels and intent to purchase
  • Age and intent to purchase
  • Occupation and intent to purchase
  • Homeowner status and intent to purchase
  • Income levels and gender
  • Income levels and age
  • Income levels and occupation
  • Any other combination of factors set up how you choose to gather information that matters most to your company

Why You Need It

Any company that wants to ensure their survey results are scientifically valid is a prime candidate for crosstab software. And that’s not the only reasons it’s an essential tool in the analytic process. Others include:

  • Manually creating crosstab reports is not typically feasible or always accurate.
  • Excel is not designed for survey research analysis.
  • You can easily come to erroneous conclusions by reviewing data without implementing cross-tabulation.
  • Survey software tools may only provide very basic functions without the essential statistic testing component found in crosstab software.

Benefits of Crosstab Software

One of the greatest benefits of crosstab software is the deep insights it provides. With the ability to break down your survey results into specific variables, you can determine what segments are responding to your message and which may need additional attention.

Insights can come from any number of different survey types, such as customer or employee satisfaction surveys.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Insights

Crosstab software could help you uncover insights that include:

  • Satisfaction levels between first-time vs. repeat buyers
  • Relationship between customer satisfaction and their likelihood of recommending your product
  • Recommendation likelihood between first-time vs. repeat buyers

Employee Satisfaction Survey Insights

Here you could find out specific satisfaction levels throughout the company, such as:

  • Satisfaction of employees in specific departments
  • Relationship between office location and satisfaction levels
  • If relationship between office location and satisfaction levels change when you factor in length of time with company

In addition to gleaning useful insights, crosstab software comes with a host of additional benefits. Because it’s specialized to the specific task of analyzing statistics, you can be assured your results are accurate.

Many crosstab software packages contain useful features that make easy to present and share your results. They may allow you to upload your datasets in a variety of formats, such as Excel, Triple-S, SAS, SPSS and SurveyMonkey. They may additionally have the capacity to generate your results as PowerPoint charts and publish them directly online.

Regardless of the exact features that may come with the crosstab software you choose, you’d be wise to add this essential tool to your data analysis process. Deeper insights and a greater understanding of your customers can lead to the implementation of strategies that help drive those customers into action.