Are Modern Women Healthy Women? Not According to These 10 Statistics

Healthy WomenFrom obesity to hypertension with osteoporosis and depression in between, a surprising slate of stats reported by Care2 reveal the health of the modern women. 

36.4: Percentage of women over age 20 considered obese

Obesity increases the risk of all kinds of fun stuff, ranging from cancer to type 2 diabetes, stroke to coronary heart disease. Did we mention hypertension?

32.8: Percentage of women age 20 and over with hypertension. 

While some women with high blood pressure may have the contributing factor of obesity, stress can also lead to the condition.

45.2: Percentage of women who exercise per guidelines

Federal guidelines say adults should engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate activity per week, which boils down to 21.4 minutes per day. Less than half the women are even reaching that scant amount.

1 in 3: Number of women who die of stroke and heart disease

Cardiovascular issues are no longer reserved only for men, with heart disease actually killing more women than men every year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says heart disease is more fatal to women than cancer.

68: Percentage of people with osteoporosis who are female

Women far outrank men for osteoporosis, a disease that plagues 44 million people overall.

Twice as many women as men suffer from depression.

Depression stems from a mix of brain chemistry and hormones, along with biological, social and genetic factors. But the National Institute of Mental Health is still wondering why more women than men suffer from it.   

75: Percentage of autoimmune diseases that occur in women.

Women have more advanced immune systems than men, which makes them more susceptible to autoimmune diseases. Such diseases rank as the top 10 causes of death in American women age 65 and below.

Lung cancer is most common cancer form found in women

Despite all the hype about breast cancer, lung cancer is the one most commonly suffered by women. 

90: Percentage of women with chronic pain that say the healthcare system discriminates against them

“It’s all in your head,” is a phrase many women feel they’re fed when they seek professional help for pain issues. An article in The New York Times noted this bias is one of the reasons a number of reproductive issues end up ignored in teenage girls, causing later fertility issues. 

10: Percentage of American couples that deal with infertility 

About 33 percent of the infertility cases stem from female infertility, with 30 percent of those cases coming from ovulatory disorders that can be treated if caught.

These disconcerting stats can serve as an alert for seemingly healthy women to pay attention to their health and take the measures they need to improve and enhance it.

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