Making complex market research data actionable

Our Mission

We empower people to use their data to make better decisions.

Our Executive Team

Alex Gelman


Alex is the Chief Executive Officer of mTAB, a position he has held since joining the company in May 2015. In his role, Alex has led the integration with GAMMA,…

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Brad Ohki

Vice President of Finance

Brad is the VP of Finance at mTAB, where he oversees the company’s finance and accounting functions. Brad joined mTAB in 2015.

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John Sevec

Senior Vice President of Business Development

John is the SVP of Business Development at mTAB, where he is responsible for overseeing the organic growth of the business. John joined mTAB in 1990.

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Mark Lummas

Vice President of Client Services North America & Asia

Mark is the VP of Client Services for North America and Asia at mTAB, where he oversees customer success and support for clients. Mark joined mTAB in 1992.

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Keith Aldridge

Manager of Client Services Europe

Keith is the Manager of Client Services for mTAB’s European clients, overseeing customer success, training, and support. Keith joined mTAB in 1996.

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Wess Musso

Vice President of Marketing

Wess is the Vice President of Marketing at mTAB, where he leads the company’s global marketing strategy and execution. Wess joined mTAB in 2017.

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Tracey Stuart

Vice President of Analysis & Insights (A&I)

Tracey is the Vice President of Analysis & Insights at mTAB, where she leads the company’s team of data analysis and visualization experts in the creation of client deliverables. Tracey…

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David Titmuss

Vice President of Product

David is the Vice President of Product at mTAB, where he is responsible for the mTAB software portfolio and leads the product vision for the global engineering team. David joined…

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Eric Barna

Vice President of Technology

Eric is the Vice President of Technology at mTAB, where he leads the company’s global engineering team in developing and maintaining the mTAB suite of software products. Eric joined mTAB…

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Our History

mTAB was founded in 1987 with one mission: to empower its clients to use their data to make better decisions. While the company’s products and services may have changed over our 30+ years in business, the core mission remains the same.

From tab-books to crosstab software and from crosstab software to an industry leading data visualization platform, mTAB has always been an innovator in data analysis and visualization. What began as an idea in a garage in California, has grown into an enterprise with offices in the US, Europe, and Asia.

mTAB has always understood that its global Fortune 500 clients need both innovative technology and expert services to get the most of out their data. With expertise that can only be gained through decades of experience, mTAB has become the go-to resource for clients trying to get deeper insights from their data.

From the beginning, we’ve always been in the people business. We believe we’re successful only if we help our clients achieve deep and meaningful impact in their business.

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Our Clients

mTAB’s ideal blend of expert service / support and advanced technology has made it the choice for major global brands from automotive to consumer technology to financial services for the past 30 years.

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