A Day in the Life of a Crosstab Software Developer

Sitting at a desk all day can be a bit mundane. But sitting at a desk all day developing advancements in crosstab software is anything but mundane. Of course, you have to be a right-minded individual to enjoy the type of work I do.

By right-minded I don’t necessarily mean right-brained. I mean having the frame of mind that you’d rather be developing the next generation of crosstab software than fishing. If you work as a crosstab software developer, you certainly should have the mindset that software is cool and that software is an important lever to help drive business results.

What I Do

If I dove too deeply into the details of my average day, most of you would probably have a headache by the third paragraph. I’ll instead keep it rather general, giving you an overview of my typical daily activities.

As a crosstab software developer, I officially fall into the category of applications developer. That means I develop programs, or applications people can use to perform a specific task on their devices. Please don’t confuse us with systems software developers, or the guys and gals who work on software that controls devices and networks.

Crosstab Software Creation 

When it’s time to develop a new software program, I’m in charge of the entire process. This typically includes:

  • Asking how the customer intends to use the software
  • Identifying core functionality users will need from the program
  • Determining security, performance and other requirements above and beyond software functionality
  • Designing the program and then handing over instructions to programmers, who write up the code and test it for accuracy
  • Heading back to the design process, if needed, to fix any issues, difficulties of use or other annoyances
  • Heading back to the programmers with additional instructions for adjusting the program
  • Unleashing the software to customers, performing upgrades and maintenance as needed

Software development is a very iterative process focused on testing results and improving upon them.

What I Love Most

The work is intense and the drive to tie software goals to overall business objectives is of paramount importance.

Software developers in hot demand, with jobs expected to grow at a rate of 19 percent per year through 2024 – compared to the 7 percent job-rate growth for all occupations combined showing that business will continue to have needs for maintaining existing software and creating new software.

My favorite thing about my career, however, is the job itself. I’ve enjoyed problem-solving since I was kid. I was the one, after all, who devised an algorithm-based chore schedule for me and my brothers, on that allowed me to schedule myself out of bathroom duties every single week.

No matter what, I’ve been able to develop programs that make a difference in business and in life. Initially for myself, and now for our customers. And yes, I’d rather be doing that than fishing any day of the week.