7 Things You Need to Know About Survey Analysis Software

Survey analysis software can help transform even the most complex survey responses into a batch of insightful results you can use to better your business. For many companies, this type of software is not merely a convenient option, but an absolute must. Here are seven things you need to know about survey analysis software to make the most of it.

It’s not just for the big guys. 

Just because survey analysis software may be able to handle advanced and complex processes doesn’t mean only large enterprises can benefit from it. The software is designed to assist all types of users, from individual researchers and small companies to medium-sized and larger firms. Many software providers offer different price points and subscription options that can be tailored to your specific needs.

It comes in different flavors. 

While cloud-based survey analysis software is one of the most convenient to use, you can also find software that can analyze results from in-person, telephone and snail mail surveys. Could-based software comes with multiple advantages, such as the ability to access data anytime from anywhere using any type of device.

Go for an advanced, cloud-based survey analysis software package and you can also take advantage of sophisticated reporting capabilities. Some have the ability to handle the creation of complex tables and even analyze text responses.

Different software can handle different volumes.

Even if you run across a survey analysis software package that has everything you want, make sure it has the capabilities to handle whatever load you intend to throw its way. Review the amount of data and feedback you expect to generate based on the volume of your customer base. Then choose a software option that’s designed to process and manage your full amount of data.

It offers customizable options.

Multiple customizable options are typically part of the package. Some of these options may include the ability to:

  • Customize surveys using different types of styles, formats and questions
  • Create surveys that target a specific customer segment or demographic using branching logic and a variety of question types
  • Personalize the layout, themes and colors to align with company branding guidelines
  • Upload your company logo and other images to further promote your brand

Ease of use can vary greatly.

Some survey analysis software may require coding and other administrative input to receive the results you want. Others are simple to use and easy to navigate, designed for use by those with no programming knowledge whatsoever. Keep your company user base in mind to ensure those who need to use the software will be able to.

Some user-friendly features to look for include:

  • Ability to create basic and detailed surveys with step-by-step guidance
  • Easy import or export of data if needed
  • Straightforward reporting features, such as automatic report formatting and the ability to both view and present results in a clear and obvious manner

Multiple features ensure accurate results.

No matter how fancy and easy to use your survey analysis software may be, it’s not going to do you any good if it doesn’t produce accurate results. A number of automated features are often built into to the program to ensure exactly that.

Many programs allow you to view your data in different forms, such as graphs, tables or even raw data you can process yourself. Many also have the ability to filter and break down information to provide a detailed analysis of the results.

Real-time results are another option you can frequently find, giving you the ability to analyze data on an ongoing basis. This lets you update results as quickly as fresh survey responses come in.

The very nature of a cloud-based system that allows survey respondents to enter data themselves also boosts accuracy. It eliminates data entry errors you may have encountered when paper survey results needed to be manually entered into the system.

It can provide a responsive experience. 

You can only glean accurate survey results if people actually answer your survey. And many survey analysis software packages can help you create surveys that people are more willing to complete. Conducting online surveys using cloud-based software lets people fill out the survey at their convenience, sometimes with the option of pausing for interruptions if needed.

Some software additionally comes with options that provide a more responsive and personalized experience. Skip-logic features make surveys easier to answer for respondents by automatically skipping irrelevant questions. Using information from previous answers, the software is able to eliminate irrelevant questions from the user’s lineup of inquiries, making the survey more personalized and faster to complete.

If your company has yet to invest in survey analysis software, you’re missing out on a tool that elevates your survey results to a whole new level. Not only will your results be faster to achieve and easier to understand, but they may reveal important insights that could have otherwise gone completely unnoticed.