2015 – What to Expect in For Big Data and Biz Analytics

Big Data and biz analytics will continue to evolve in 2015. Here are some trends we expect to continue throughout next year.big-data

Data Engagement

Employees want to be engaged with their data and actively use it in decision making processes. Organizations must move to self-service data portals as more and more workers will express themselves and be promoted through the data they analyze and use.

Comprehensive Data

Data cannot be internal alone. There is a danger of only using internal organizational data and analyzing it in a vacuum without necessary context. Data should be collected from both internal and industry sources to allow broad analysis and interpretation.

Real-Time Analysis

Organizations will seek to digest and gain insight from data in rapid succession. Data that will take time to analyze might be pushed aside. Visual reporting will support real-time analysis of data.

Data Governance

Different parts of the organization will require different data sets. All data should not be accessible to everyone in the organization but data that is relevant to specific departments should be made available to analysts within that department.

The Changing CIO

Today’s CIO is not just a technology and infrastructure person. A CIO today must show the value that technology (both off and onsite) can bring to the bottom line.

Faster is Better

Speed – of computing and analysis will continue to be important. The quicker decisions can be made from analytics the more agile your business. Extracting meaningful value from data weeks after it is collected may not be useful.

In 2015, if you provide meaningful insight on data to the right people right when they need it you’ll keep your business agile and remain ahead of your peers.