mTAB Services


mTAB Database Services

Compare, combine and trend the results of all of your research projects, past and present. Enhance your storytelling by deriving new variables and combining data from external sources.

  • Compare, combine and trend all of your research, past and present
  • Derive new KPI, NPS, index and other value add analysis variables
  • Shapes data into the format most conducive for analysis
  • Actively manage the quality of research data from your MR providers
  • Mash up research results with 3rd party cluster, segmentation and behavioral data

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mTAB Self-Managed

Analyze smaller one-off survey projects with the same ease and same tools as your larger tracking and multi-market projects.

  • Manage smaller ad-hoc projects that do not require mTAB’s Database Services
  • Designed for the analysis of one-off web collected research projects
  • Intuitive user interface supports project management and workgroup sharing
  • Easily upgrade projects to mTAB’s Database Services when you need to combine, compare or trend
  • Simple and convenient way to benefit from mTAB’s easy to use analysis software

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mTAB Text Analytics

Reveal the insight captured within your research’s verbatim comments. Analyze unstructured and structured variables in a single query.

  • Crosstabulate and analyze structured and unstructured research results within a single query
  • Bring focus to the analysis of unstructured results using structured variable drill downs
  • Interactive tag cloud visualization supports drill down on tags
  • Quantitative analysis of tag distribution between brands and products
  • Tag analysis supports bi- and trigram tags, stemming and stop word removal
  • Natural language sentiment and cluster coding of unstructured variables

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