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Insurance agencies utilize market research as a means of identifying ways to differentiate their service offerings and improve loyalty. mTAB provides a one stop portal for the analysis of commercial and consumer line tracking studies, customer satisfaction trackers, defector studies, agent satisfaction and claims research. mTAB allows decision makers and analysts to compare, combine, trend and report their entire array of consumer and commercial survey results within one easy to use platform.

Foremost Insurance,  a part of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies

The Challenge

  • More than 20 years of research data for specialty policies like Mobile Homes, Motorcycles, Boats, etc.
  • Questionnaires changed throughout the years to reflect the marketplace
  • Surveys were conducted through various survey panel providers and vendors
  • Survey data was in different software formats, depending on who did the study
  • Only a SAS expert could access prior results, creating a bottleneck for decision makers

mTAB®’s Solution

  • mTAB’s survey analysis software was the ideal solution for Foremost Insurance. The migration of 20 year of data including running quality checks of warehoused data against prior printed reports was a seamless process.The migration did not require any involvement from Foremost’s IT department, and only took a few weeks to complete.

The Results

  • Access to the software by the entire organization provided the ability to pull the reports and data they need
  • Seamless migration of data that was quality-checked for accuracy
  • Cut ad-hoc response time from a couple of days to a couple of hours
  • Ease-of-use encourages more usage and in turn provides more key business insight
  • All surveys (past and present) can be accessed through one single software tool
  • Ability to trend ongoing research projects and combine/compare between each one

The opinions below are my own, they do not reflect the perspective(s) of Foremost Insurance Group:

“We use mTAB® to trend all years of our speciality lines research and to compare studies between product lines.  Overall, we‘ve cut our ad-hoc response time from a couple of days to a couple of hours.”

JoAnna Carey-Marketing Development Manager, Foremost Insurance Group