We Know Finance

Financial services providers such as lenders, brokers, banks, credit card processors, and investment firms continually track attitudes pertaining to borrowing, savings, investing and retirement planning. mTAB provides the essential ability to mine consumer research programs of any case size and complexity. Further, mTAB Database Services support joining customer behavioral data to survey results, significantly enhancing the analysis.

Financial Services

The Challenge

  • Financial service planners and analysts require “hands on” access to years of consumer tracking studies and hundreds of ad-hoc studies fielded by numerous market research vendors.
  • The market research vendors usually provide summary presentations and reports and retain the underlying respondent data detail.
  • As a consequence, analysts have had to formulate ad-hoc queries based upon the assumption of the survey program’s content (e.g. “can this question be answered by this study?”). Considerable time and costs were wasted on the back and forth dialogue between the analyst and market research providers. Frequently, in the process of answering a query, a number of new questions were raised.

mTAB’s Solution

  • Provide a one-stop platform for the analysis of all survey program results, supporting instantaneous decision-making, insight exploration, trending and combining of survey program results regardless of the market research provider.

The Results

  • mTAB reduced ad-hoc query response time from days to minutes by allowing decision makers, planners and analysts to directly mine survey program results.
  • As a consequence of mTAB’s easy and convenient access to survey program results, planners were able to ask far more of the research results, gaining further insight and enhancing storytelling.
  • Tracking studies can now be conveniently trended within a single mTAB analysis as easily as a basic query.
  • The results of similar survey programs, for example a series of ad-hoc studies, can be conveniently compared side-by-side within mTAB, regardless of the market research provider.