We Know Consumer Goods

Retailers invest heavily to understand the consumer product, sales and service experience. mTAB supports NPS and verbatim rich survey programs by supporting the combined analysis of structured and unstructured survey results and by providing tools for the quantitative analysis of unstructured survey responses. Using mTAB, retailers conveniently explore unmet product opportunities, trend customer point of sale and shopping experiences, and pinpoint the factors underlying post-purchase support and service problems.


Leading global consumer electronics company


The Challenge

  • Generate customer and product insights using data from 10 different syndicated research providers
  • Organize and warehouse all syndicated research data from various providers in one analytics tool
  • Decrease response time to global research requests from internal customers
  • Analyze data across time periods to identify trends
  • Standardize and streamline complex customer segmentation analysis globally

mTAB’s Solution

  • mTAB provides a platform for the company to both store and analyze its syndicated research data in one central tool and enables the global Market Research team to effectively conduct complex customer segmentation analysis.

The Results

  • Facilitates the seamless integration of a survey project’s data regardless of acquisition source
  • Combines results of open and closed ended questions for key business insight
  • Stores hundreds of syndicated research studies from 10 different providers on a single platform
  • Enables complicated customer segmentation analysis without the need to write computer code